Morning Glory Ensign or Convolvulaceae Ipomoea was new to me when I picked up a pack of seeds in Arkansas at a bakery/produce stand. Thomas Jefferson's garden is the most famous place they have been grown.
The packet said Tricolor and indeed there are three colors blooming. Sweet cover for the chain link fences.

The Courier Mail in Australia ran a story about a journalist hunting for an acid-spitting Mongolian Death Worm.
"The worm apparently jumps out of the sand and kills people by spitting concentrated acid or shooting lightning from its rectum over long distances..." Be sure to click on the worm link.

Garden writer Graham Rice writes the Transatlantic Plantsman blog - he lives on both sides of the Atlantic - and his recent entry is about the absurdity of the photos and promises in seed and plant catalogs.
Have you ever bought seeds or plants that disappoint when compared with the descriptions and photos? Me, too.
Check out Graham's entry where you can see a gee whiz photo and a real photo of Primula vialii. He says, "I would suggest that never in the vast history of life on earth, in the stars and in the galaxies beyond has a plant of Primula vialii flowered like this!"
Here's the link. Enjoy.

Today in the garden: continued apple picking (plus a few tomatoes and cucumbers), watering, bug and egg hunting (and destroying), weeding, fussing over seedlings, and taking deep breaths while butterflies and hummingbird moths flitted all around me.


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