Monarch butterfly caterpillars are all over the gardens - adults on the flowers and caterpillars eating the leaves. It's not unusual to see them dancing in small clusters as we pull out of the driveway and walk in the back yard.
There is one adult and half a dozen caterpillars on the Asclepias - butterfly weed - in this photo.
We planted a small amount of purple majesty millet this year rather than what seemed like a crop in the past two years. We'll get enough seed for next year but won't have so much to harvest.

Seed amaranths are used as a protein grain by the people of many countries - it contains 10% protein.

Many gardeners grow millet to feed groundfeeding wildlife and their birds, such as parakeets, with homegrown grains.

The oxblood colored leaves of Pennisetum glaucum are dramatic as the summer heat changes them from their immature green. The seed heads are so pretty with the pollen attached.

A couple of years ago I was so eager to harvest the seeds before the birds could get to them that they were too immature to germinate.

Live and learn - leave the seed heads on until the pollen sheds.

The winter squash that we planted - TN Sweet Potato Squash - is making fruits that exceed a foot in length. Seedlings of a few fall greens are in the English pea bed and flowers are working their buds off to impress us.


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