Do you know what this is? It's the caterpillar that is eating the Spicebush, ergo it is a Spicebush Swallowtail larva. Cute, eh? And, you know it does not have eyes. Those spots that resemble eyes are to make predators think it is dangerous.

Here is a bug of another stripe - the dreaded eggs of the squash bugs that would like to decimate all squash plants. I inspect the leaves every day, often twice a day. Sometimes I find adults to dispatch, but most often just eggs.

Then, there is another joy of August - the apple tree is loaded with enough apples to share and enough to put up for the winter.

The tree was from Stark's ten years ago and it has been producing for about 6 years. Everyone who eats one says it is the best apple they have ever eaten.

After reading about Angelica Gigas several times, I bought and planted seeds in the shed in late winter. There are 4 plants left after all the usual die off that occurs due to fickle plants, my neglect, bugs, etc.
Margaret Roach at A Way to Garden, displayed photos of her garden taken by the Martha Stewart Staff. Click over and take a look. She says they want bright shade and moisture. You'll want Angelica Gigas in your garden, too.
Chocolate Flower Farm offers the seeds from their own plants. They say that the seeds are rarely offered commercially because the seeds have to be sown fresh and most people who grow them have plenty of seeds to share. And, order seeds now because it likes to be planted in the fall to get a chill before germinating.


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