11 August 2009

From time to time, members of Garden Writers receive trial plants of new introductions. Most of us either plant them in our home garden or give them to a friend to plant.
The idea behind our receiving the plants is that the growers want to know how well they do. We answer questions like where they were planted, how well they grew in our zone, etc. When they work well, I write about them so you'll have the scoop.

If you love blue flowers as much as I do, you will want to know about this one, called Blue Chiffon Hardy Hibiscus, Hibiscus syriacus from Proven Winners. Rose of Sharon is one of the many common names for this group of cold tolerant shrubs. Other names include Althea

The species is a native of China and India. In Connecticut they are considered invasive according to U Conn's Plant Database page.

Here's a link to the Proven Winners description and photos. The photos posted here are from the plant I received and treated horribly. The poor things sat in their shipping pots for over a month, languished under an oak tree while we were on vacation, were planted in an area that receives little attention. And, yet they bloomed.

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