Winter Solstice Labyrinth Walk

Sharon Owen, owner of Moonshadow Herb Farm in Muskogee OK, is offering labyrinth walks in December and New Year 2009.

Owen said, "Afternoon has been the best time for group walks & activities. However, a night walk & celebration would be great, too. Please contact me if you plan to participate and/or if you would like to schedule a private walk. Otherwise I will either be with family or busy working in the greenhouse ~ in which case I would be too dirty & busy for surprise visits!"

Winter Solstice (Yuletide/Midwinter) ~ Christmas Traditional dates: Dec. 21s (Sun.) and Dec. 20 23rd (Sat. to Tues.) and Dec. 25 (Thurs.) Open: weekend of 20, 21 through Tues.

Dec. 23rd
Celebration of the return of light The birth of Jesus the Christ
Suggested Ceremonies & Activities: Blessings ~ Follow The Star Candle Walk ~ Drumming ~ Singing (new fire pit in pecan grove)

New Years Eve Day Traditional date: Dec. 31 (Mon.) and Jan. 1 (Tues.)Open the weekend: Dec. 29 and 30 Dedicated to PEACE & RENEWAL Ceremony: Blessings ~ Burning Bowl labyrinth walk - labyrinth dance

Twelfth Night Old Twelfth Night Traditional date(s): Jan. 5 and or Jan 17
Open the weekends Jan. 3 and 4 and or Jan. 10 and 11
Fire pit food and drink with drumming and singing, then off to the labyrinth and pear tree.
Wassailing the pear tree next to the prairie labyrinth is the main focus, then song and merriment through the labyrinth. Wassailing usually began with food, drink, family and friends and then out to the orchard, etc.

Sharon Owen 918 687-6765 (home) & email:


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