Meet Caesalpinia

Caesalpinia is a genus of over 70 evergreen trees found mostly in subtropical zone 9, on rocky mountain slopes, in scrub, in Brazil and Arizona.

On a heated seed mat in the shed one of 5 seeds has come up. My hope is that it will live to grace our garden next summer.

Gardino Nursery calls it a Dwarf Poinciana that is a diminutive version of a Royal Poinciana tree.

Royal Poinciana grows to 50-feet. Caesalpinia gilliesii is the Bird of Paradise shrub with yellow flowers.

The American Horticultural Society says pulcherrima is called Barbados Pride, giving another hint to its familiar growing territory.

AHS says it will survive brief spells of freezing 32-F. Gardino Nursery says it will be OK to the high 20s.

My friend, Sharon Owen who gave me the seeds says it grows next to her mother's house right here in Muskogee Oklahoma.

Click here to see some photos photos, Arizona Master Gardeners, and - glorious flowers.


Anonymous said…
Martha, I hope it thrives. What fun it will be to see it next summer. I'm cold. How about you?~~Dee
Anonymous said…
I'm indoors reading books and magazines.
Thursday is the warm up to 50 again so all will be well soon.

Can't wait to see the Mexican Bird of Paradies in bloom.

Gardeners dreaming......

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