Happy New Year 2009

Welcome to the new year 2009. Best wishes for 365 worthwhile days.

The Plant Trivia Timeline from The Huntington Botanical Garden Library in California will put your plant enthusiasms into perspective.

It was last updated in 2004 but that doesn't matter since the timeline begins 5 Billion years ago.

You will find dozens of facts that you never knew about the importance of plants for creating wealth and fame over the past 50,000 years or so.

The Plant Physiology site is a fabulous resource from a biology professor at Eastern Connecticut State University.
Plant physiology and biology. The course sections include lectures, reading suggestions, and laboratory activities on topics such as seed germination, pollination, osmosis, and plant respiration.

Thanks to the Librarians' Internet Index for both of these resources.

Knowledge is the key to everything. Keep growing your mind.


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