In the Shed Today

With 22-F as the high temperature for the day, let's talk about gardening inside the shed.

But first, I want to tell you that the book sale is still happening at American Nurseryman. The website link is here.
Timber Press is also having a 30% off book sale here.

Now, on to growing things.
Can you see both the flowers on the tag and the flowers on the plant? Talk about truth in advertising. Erysimum Jenny Brook has a nickname, Wallflower.

Blooms of Bressingham sent me a tiny plant to see if it would grow in our zone. Click here to read all about her features, not the least of which is that she grows to 2-feet tall in poor soil and needs no deadheading. I could love this one.
Three stems are blooming at once in the shed. We heat it to about 60-F in the shed every evening but on the 17-degree nights it drops down into the 40s.

This is Ferry Morse pak choi. The little plants are doing decently in a south facing window. Also in the photo are the pots of the same seeds I planted a few days ago. Great germination rate.

Have I mentioned the neighbors who keep getting more cats and dogs? Here is one of their latest acquisitions sleeping in an empty pot on our back porch.


Anonymous said…
thanks for the eshop link inc. voucher..

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