Keeping Your Hands in the Soil

Now that it is mid-December many gardeners have taken a welcome break from the demands of the soil. Not me. I am a member of a small group of people who keep on keeping on, with seeds and bulb shipments still arriving.
Dividing plants continues, too. Guests yesterday suggested that a field mouse could be the cause of the lettuce seedlings losing their heads. I started a new pan of lettuce seeds and will begin anew.

Yesterday, daffodils and tulips arrived from Brent and Becky's. An email came in from that seeds are in the mail with plant tags. This company offers 100 tags for $7.75 and free shipping - a deal that cannot be passed up.

Now that the seeds in the cold frames are coming up, I can't resist the temptation to try my luck with more. Most winter sowers use the clear plastic milk cartons with the tops partially removed. We have one of those now so I'll start that experiment today when I go out to plant bulbs in a 70-degree December day.

Click here to see Cordeledawg's blog at Dave's Garden. Scroll down to see the milk cartons lined up outside and his lists of wintersown seeds.


Anonymous said…
My ground has been frozen solid for over a month so there are no more work in the earth. My last planting was garlic in the middle of October. Instead I have turned indoors with Tom Thumb tomatoes potted up in the kitchen and some micro-greens in the bay window.

I wish I had your good fortune.
O.I.M said…
hello martha. thanks for stopping by my blog. glad you enjoyed my holiday garden. i'll pop by again.
Anonymous said…
Hi Scott -
You will notice that the cold weather arrived here, too.

Will you be able to get tomato flowers and fruit in your kitchen and micro greens for the table from the bay window?

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