Mark Zampardo's New Book - A Landscaper's Guide to Perennial Flowers With English Spanish Glossary

Dr. Mark Zampardo has been teaching landscapers for 30-years and now has put his knowledge of perennial flowers into a paperback book for all of us to use.

Each of the 200 plants covered in the easy-to-carry volume is pictured in a garden, with a close up of the leaf, and a photo of the flowers so you can recognize them in the nursery. Also, he provides pronunciation for each plant.

Zampardo has a glossary in the front of the book. Each glossary word is defined and then translated into Spanish. In the back, each plant is listed by its common names and Latin name for reference.

An example of Zampardo's writing on one plant will illustrate.

Verbascum chaixii on page 200
Verbascum chaixii - two photos, one in a bed and one closeup of the flower cluster
(vur-BASS-kum key-IX-ee-eye; kee-ICKS-ee-eye)
Common name Nettle-leaved Mullein
Leaves Alternate, 6 inches long, gray-green, hairy, rounded teeth on the margin
Flowers White, purple stamens create an eye, 1 inch flowers on terminal racimes
Bloom Time Early summer
Size/Shape 3 feet tall, 18-24 inches wide
Special Requirements Groups, perennial border
Hardiness Zone 5-8
Other Notes Southern Charm is a hybrid with pink flowers (illustrated)

And an example from the Glossary
winterburn - leaves turning brown or dying because the winter wind dries them too much
helada - hojas que se hacen cafes o mueren debido a que el viento del invierno las reseca

Brilliant, isn't it? Put together an easy to use handbook for just about anyone who wants to put together a bedding area or find the perfect addition to an existing garden. is the publisher. 214 pp. Color. $25.
Zampardo is Emeritus Horticulture Faculty Member at College of Lake County. In addition to being an instructor at Grayslake IL, he has taught plant identification at Chicago Botanic Garden and the Morton Arboretum. His articles have been published in Fine Gardening (, Weedpatch, American Nurseryman Magazine,

He also co-authored a plant database, UIPLANTS at
U S Forest Service Tree Database at links to he UI Plants database.

Plus he gardens.

Check out the 75% sale at the American Nurseryman site while you are there.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the review onthis - i always love a new gardening book - and maybe this one will help me to improve my spanish as well!
Anonymous said…
It's a really easy to use book with one plant on each page, complete with photos. S

ometimes less information is exactly what we need when heading out to the garden center.

In the introduction, they say to keep the book in the glovebox of your truck. I don't have a truck but I now think I need one.

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