Seed Sowing in the Winter

If this time of year gives you withdrawal symptoms, try winter sowing. Our set up in the shed has warm and cool fluorescent lighting to help with keeping plants alive.
I intend to try to grow chard and lettuce outside in the cold frames but we have already had night temperatures below freezing. Some years our freezing temperatures arrive in Feb. Not this year - much earlier freezing nights this year.
Gardening enthusiasts as far north as Canada are sowing seeds in the winter so Zone 7 should be easy. Maybe.
Here are a few online resources (I left out the links with unending popups, ads, or the need to "join for a small fee" to access the conversation or information.)
So! Share your winter seed sowing experiences. What's worked for you and what are you planting this winter?

The plastic wrapped foil pans have perennial seeds that need cold stratification. This particular type of seed also required a mixture of 5 ingredients for ideal planting medium.


Anonymous said…
Molly, I wish I had something to share on this topic. Every time I've tried it I haven't had any luck. I'm just not good about remembering to water, the same reason my houseplants die. :) ~~Dee
Anonymous said…
Oh, well. I've seen photos of your gardens. You have lots of talent in the garden even without sowing seeds.

I'm teaching a seed starting class in January - you could come over!

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