27 November 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 was a beautiful day here - 75-degrees, sunny and not windy. What more could you ask from the weather? Little gardening happened, just a few plants watered. Otherwise just food and time to read.

I hope your day was rewarding, whether that means a big gathering or a book read or a walk taken.

Here's what's happening at our place. Out of frustration that the Aconitum, Wolf's Bane or Monk's Hood refuses to spread into a good size colony, the seed heads have been bagged so the seeds can be planted in pots when they ripen.
Doug Green has some growing tips, including the seeds' need for cold stratification. Backyard Gardener says the seeds take 20 days to germinate. Chiltern Seeds offers 14 varieties if these fail to germinate, so no problem.

The latest construction project is to update a back entry by removing a concrete step and replacing it with a little deck. Today, the concrete was hammered out. Tomorrow the area will be re-measured to decide where to put the braces.

The sandstones and concrete hunks will become the extension of the shade garden so the sunny edge can be a rock garden.

At night it dips into the 20s or 30s but during the day we still have temperate and sunny hours to clean beds and play outside.

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