Make Mine Green

Photo is a planter made out of a recycled something or other.
I saw it outside Memphis Tennessee at Gardens Oy Vey.

Joel Makower's blog, Two Steps Forward, is about the greening of business.
Today's blog entry is about Waste Management, the big trash company, refocusing itself into a materials management company by recycling more trash than it dumps into landfills.

Makower points out that we used to hear a lot about reduce, reuse, recycle but that the whole recycling effort has gone so mainstream that it is talked about less now.

Even our town of 45,000 has a recycling center that takes plastic, paper, glass, metal, cooking oil, auto oil etc. And it has free woodchips available for pickup.

Makower said, "I attended an event last week that reminded me of the growing sophistication of today's waste world. It was a private meeting convened by Waste Management and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (and facilitated by my colleagues at GreenOrder). The event, consisting of senior environmental professionals from 25 major companies and a smattering of academics and government types, aimed to shed light on some of the issues related to e-waste, construction waste, packaging waste, food waste, and other forms of detritus."

Soilutions in Albuquerque NM is recycling restaurant food waste into compost by providing bins to the restaurants and picking up the waste.

At the household level, we can do a lot to slow down the wasting of our home, Mother Earth. So, I'm taking a survey. What are you and your neighbors doing? What are individuals, companies and public entities doing in your town?


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