Garden Blogging and Bloggers

Till and Tell is the title of a column in the Baltimore Sun today.

The photo is what I found when I cleared out the frozen pumpkin, cucumber and gourd vines.

Susan Reimer wrote about the explosion in the number of garden blogs on the Internet. And, I must say that I have noticed it, too. Here are a few of her comments and you can click on the link above to read the whole column.

Great quote from the column: You imagine a blogger wearing pajamas, typing furiously on the computer in a home office overflowing with old newspapers. Someone with a lot to say and no one to listen to him, firing streams of words off into the ether of the Internet.

Reimer interviewed Susan Harris, a blogger on Garden Rant, one of the best-known garden blogs. Harris said she was lonely gardening so she started writing about it.

Jon Traunfeld of the University of Maryland's Home and Garden Information Center is also launching a blog to give the public information from the point of view of an ag extension office. Traunfeld said that food safety and prices are driving people to garden at home.
Oh, goodie, I'm not alone in my motivations for vegetable growing.

Which blogs do you read? I wish Oklahoma and Arkansas ag extensions would publish garden blogs.


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