Felder Rushing at Botanical Garden of the Ozarks in Fayetteville Arkansas

Have you met Felder Rushing yet? Here's a link to his website.
Rushing spoke on Saturday at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. He entertained us with his presented topic, Slow Gardening: Less Input and More Rewards.

Before the event and during the break everyone took advantage of the home cooked treats.

The Flower, Garden and Nature Society of Northwest Arkansas organized the event and put on a very impressive brunch for the 100 plant lovers who attended.
Lynn Rogers, garden writer for several NW Arkansas publications, and a friend of Rushing, introduced him.
Gail Pianalto, the co-chair of BGOzark's programs committee, spoke about the many great events at BGOZARK. Pianalto was awarded the 2008 Garden Crusader Award for Education. Gardener's Supply Company created the award to recognize individuals like Gail, who make a difference in their community through their passion for gardening. Any child or adult who has been in Gail's presence understands why she deserves that award and more.

- I have 10 bottle trees in my yard. If it is OK to hang things from holes in your ears, it is OK to do fun stuff in your yard.
- Putting feed in the bird feeder, raking leaves instead of blowing them because that rakey sound is better than the blowy sound, having a rain gauge because it makes you use all your senses — that makes you a gardener.
- You really don’t have to have your soil tested to be a good gardener even though Master Gardeners tell you to.
- You can prune roses with cherry bombs, and they’ll still bloom. You can start roses from cuttings you just stick in dirt.
- Plant any color flower next to any other color flower.
- Go to a garden center and get a nice pot and some potting soil. Stick some spring bulbs in it, then put pansies on top. Now you are gardening.
- Rushing's books are said to be equally delightful. Do you have any? Which ones do you like best?
- If he is new to you, click on the link above and check out his yard. It explodes with creativity.


Dee Nash said…
I love it! Felder is always so much fun. What great advice. Did you know I've never had my soil tested? Sssh, don't tell.~~Dee

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