Organic Gardening Down South

This is a terrific new book by Nellie Neal.

I love it and here's why.

The size of the book - It is paperback, 135/144 pages with everything, and the font is large enough to read comfortably.

The presentation - The author has evidently been in the garden writing world long enough to have several books, a website (GardenMama dot com), a garden column and quarterly newsletter. Neal's style is grounded in stories about her grandparents and forward looking to include the latest theories about organic gardening methods.

The content - Chapter and their contents include building good soil, compost, rooting and propagating, plants (herbs, tomatoes, crape myrtles, trees, fruits, flowers, etc.), controlling pests organically, garden planning (why diversity is so important to a healthy garden), what to do month by month, which plants re-seed, etc.

Confession - The book just arrived and I have read only half of it - gardening took most of my time today - but it is a pleasure and I look forward to finishing every word.

Timing - This would be a great gift for anyone new to gardening, interested in organic gardening or new to gardening in warm and humid zones 8 or 9, which is the orientation of the material.

Ordered from the publisher, B. B. Mackey Books, it is $15.95 postage paid.


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