Seed Sale at Renee's Online Store

As my seed shipments arrive, I notice that some are 2008 seeds and some are 2009. None of them were on end-of-season sale so in the future I'll have to make sure I'm getting fresh seeds before I order.

Shouldn't 2008 seeds be on sale? Well, yes they should.

More ethical than some, Renee's Garden Seeds is selling all of their remaining 2008 seeds at half price. Many greens can be planted over the next couple of months and lots of flower seeds can still go onto the ground to get that winter cold stratification they need to pop open in the spring.

The sale ends November 20 and of course it is first come, first served.

Click here to go to the seed catalog on Renee's site.

Regular seed price is $2.69 per pack plus $4.50 per order shipping in the U.S. With a per order shipping price, it would be a good idea to get a few friends to order at the same time.

I have had good luck with 90% of Renee's seeds germinating at high rates.
Be sure to enter the sale code.
Enter END08 as your Coupon Code at checkout.

Other seed sales I found on an Internet search with links!

Jung Seed

Park Seed Sale

Post any other seed sales you have found or email me at and I'll put them onto the blog.


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