Achillea - Yarrow from Blooms of Bressingham - New Tutti Frutti

I went outside today with the camera to see what has survived nights in the 20s, an inch of cold rain and the fact that it is November and the days are darn short.

The purple
Alyssum Royal Carpet and pink Sweet Williams are holding their own, considering the conditions - under a maple tree. The Alyssum we grew from seed, the Sweet William plants were from Blossoms.

The Arugula has some (It's as cold-as-a-freezer-out-here!) burned edges but there is still plenty to make a salad. A few nights ago we had oven fried green tomatoes on a bed of chopped Arugula with a basil sauce.
All these plants were volunteers.

In the spring, I received some Achillea plants from Blooms of Bressingham.

Tutti Frutti Achillea varieties are new for B of B in 2008. They say they were chosen for vivid, lasting colors, compact, full habit and durability even in extreme heat and humidity.
So I put them in the ground and treated them the way I treat plants: With the best care I possibly can - given the fact that we have 2.5 acres and more plants and projects then two people can possibly do well.

The B of B information says that it has showy, solid flower colors. Blooms from June through August. The ones in our beds are still blooming and it is November 12th. Its full name is Achillea 'Pink Grapefruit' USPPAF, COPF "Yarrow". One source is Bluestone Perennials.

Have you had something in your garden surprise you with its strength and quality?


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