07 May 2008

Which Flowers to Plant for Re-seeding and Plants' Bloom Time

Many plants re-seed and provide a full flush of growth and flowers the following year and some are stingy with their reseeding.
These are poppies. It's hard to believe that they will be three-feet tall with vivid flowers in a few months.
Do you have favorite re-seeding annuals? I'm looking for more to plant and would welcome ideas and suggestions.
Among other flowers that make a flower bed glow with color, these annuals re-seed: Phlox, marigold, bachelor button, calendula, coreopsis, spider flower, columbine, hollyhock, Johnny Jump Ups (violas), and ?
Gardeners have luck with many flowers re-seeding. What works for you?

Harvard University has a clever list on their Arnold Arboretum website that identifies plants by bloom time.
Order of Bloom was developed in the 1950s. What a great resource for continuous bloom even though Boston Mass may be in a different cold and heat zone than the one in which your garden grows.
Another plant database online that has good descriptions is at the Mountain States Nursery.
This link will take you there.

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