10 May 2008

Salvias are Blooming with the spring Wildflowers

The wind has been terrific today. This afternoon it rained while I was mowing and then there was dime size hail. Spring has one surprise after another.

While holding the Salvia Greggii Pink Preference (Bustani Plant Farm) for a photo, a bee landed on my hand. They are all over the plants of course and you can actually hear them buzzing while doing the weed pulling. Ah, the joys of gardening.

In the shade garden, native Columbine
has taken hold and is slowly increasing in size as the years go by. We made the garden boundary with stones dug out of a planting hole for a crab apple tree. The bed was made from the contents of the compost pile, plus peat and cottonseed hulls. Every year, we add peat to keep improving the soil conditions.

Another 30 tiny seedlings and larger plants went into the ground today. The seeds of Red Star Hibiscus or rose mallow (Hibiscus coccineus) are getting their first true leaves.

Also the Edamame and cucumbers are sprouting and I think the seed starting is over for now - maybe for this year. We are running out of veggie garden space so I pulled out every other Brussels sprouts plant giving the remaining ones room to spread out a little.

As I was mowing today, I was able to see what looks OK and what needs more work. All in all, it is a pleasure to be outside at this time of year.

What's growing in your garden?

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