22 May 2008

Cactus Love

Do you love a good cactus for the windowsill or in a garden pot? This gigantic one lives in Mexico.
Photo: Dr. Bruce Hoagland, University of Oklahoma, Natural Heritage Inventory and Department of Geograpy, Norman, OK . Photographer: Amy Buthod of the Oklahoma Biological Surey.
According to Dr. Hoagland, the cactus in the photo is bisnaga gigante (Echinocactus platyacantha, syns = E. granids, E. ingens, E. palmeri and E. visnaga, according to the New Cactus Lexicon). The photo is from the state of Tamualipas, Mexico near Las Palmillas.

Check out these websites
Department of Geography University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory
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Closer to home, the wonderfully scented
Photo: Mock Orange blossoms are cheering up the fence line planting.

Gorgeous weather for gardeners, isn't it? The early season vegetables are ready for the table and mid-season vegetables are thriving. Early flowers are filling gardens and summer flowers are forming buds.

Today I finished planting the Nepeta, Zinnia and Nicotiana seedlings. They will be the scent and color of July.

The Kandy Korn plants are over a foot tall. We may wish that we had put in more than a couple of dozen if they thrive and produce.

Are you gardening this holiday weekend or taking the time off to relax?


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Some work, and then we're off on Sunday for our trip to Washington, D.C. and points in between. I'll be posting from the road, and I hope it's interesting.

Need to get the rest of the mulch down today. My nephew is coming to house sit for us.~~Dee

Molly Day said...

Oh, I haven't begun to mulch the beds yet. You are ahead of us already.
I look forward to hearing about your trip. Don't make the kids learn too much!