05 May 2008

Spring and Summer Blooming Lilies

This year I bought spring and summer blooming bulbs from Brent and Becky's, Easy to Grow Bulbs, Old House Gardens, Van Bourgondien, and a few others including the sale racks at Lowe's. This lollipop lily is one of the ones that came from Easy to Grow. The box of summer flowering bulbs from Old House Gardens was just planted within the past week. They will bloom in the hot days when other flowers are fading from the heat.

So, do you love to plant bulbs like I do? They come up and bloom and usually have long lasting flowers. They make more bulbs that can be divided over the next few years.

Last year the tiger lilies produced seeds that I planted and now they are also coming up.

The Plant Conservation Alliance is a source of information on a variety of topics of interest to gardeners. Lots of information about native plants to browse.

Residents of Maryland are lucky in that the site has a separate link about native plants for wildlife habitat restoration in that state.

This link is to plants for shade, woodlands,wood edges whether wet or dry in the Piedmont Region of Maryland but would apply to other locations as well.

Plants lists like these are helpful in generating ideas for our own yards whether we are planting around a pool, under trees or along a driveway where we want easy to grow flowers. Go native when you can.

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