18 May 2008

See Through Plants

We have a patch of bachelor buttons at the back of our lot. The seeds were planted years ago and now the plants re-seed themselves for a late spring show every year. The extent of my effort is to pull out half of them so they can have room to grow and some weeding.

Bachelor buttons qualify as see through plants if they are thinned out enough.

Many of these tall plants can be placed at front-third of a flower bed with some great plants to see behind them.

Black C0hosh, Fennel, Red Hot Poker, Gaura, Valerian, Verbena bonariensis are the ones usually recommended. But I also like Asclepias, Bishop's Weed, Dill and other tall plants close to the front of the border.

Do you ever mix it up or do you stick with the traditional scheme of planting the tallest in the back and shortest plants in the front?

By the way, I was reading a garden book at lunch. The author listed the reasons plants have to be screened in the spring when they are tender. You know, things like rabbits (which we have aplenty) and crows eat baby plants. Crows, I thought. Well, at least we don't have that problem.

I looked out the window for one moment and saw a black bird steal a baby pepper plant from the garden. So that's where they have been going. I had blamed everything but birds for their disappearance.

No end to the learning when you are a gardener.

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