06 May 2008

Do It Yourself Projects

If you have the energy for a do-it-yourself project, a small patio can be easy to do in time for summer guests and entertaining.
In a corner of the yard that gets shade, we laid concrete cinder blocks and sprayed a brick colored stain on them to give them a better look. It's big enough for a table and 4 chairs where you can relax with coffee in the morning or a book in the afternoon. The photo was taken this morning during a break in the rain.

Did you plant the 2007 plant of the year, Nepeta, last year?
We planted a row Nepeta Walker's Low from Bluestone Perennials last year in the front of our driveway garden. This week it is blooming its head off.
The scent brings honeybees, butterflies and other pollinators into the garden. We need the pollinators for our fruit and vegetables beds.

The pinkish purple flowers in the center of the picture, behind the Nepeta are Dame's Rocket. Last year we had one, this year there are four.

Also blooming in that bed are two types of iris in assorted colors. On the top right of the photo, the little yellow flowers are last year's Red Russian Kale that is flowering.

In the shed there are seedlings of Nepeta Tuberosa that will be planted in a few days after this storm passes. The seeds are from Alpine SeedEx.

I've been afraid to plant them out too early since they are Mediterranean and you know how fickle those plants can be if they get rained on too much.

The strawberry plants are loaded with flowers and fruit. Each time a berry starts to redden, someone takes a bite out of it.

What's growing in your garden?

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