16 April 2008

Plant Herbs for the Kitchen

This is a perfect time to put some herbs into your life. Whether you plant them in pots or in the ground, fresh herbs have the ability to change food flavors in ways bottled herbs cannot.

Herb plants are readily available at garden centers, herb festivals and farmers' markets right now.

Culinary flavors to plant in spring include: Leeks, parsley, cilantro, chives, mint, dill, fennel, oregano and basil.

You can start seeds if you prefer that approach to buying plants. If you buy seeds, you will have dozens of plants to harvest over the next few months.

This is also the time to plant lettuce, spinach and other greens. Fresh herbs snipped into fresh salad greens is one of the real treats of spring.

Herbal vinegar is a wonderful way to use herbs if you have a successful planting. There is nothing like homemade herbal vinegar to dress fresh salads.


Big Perm said...

This is totally purposterous!! The only thing that belongs in a kitchen are pop-tarts and pork chops, both of which are breathtaking when cooked in the toaster!!!

Anonymous said...

pork chops in a toaster. Yumm