07 April 2008

New Book of Salvias by Betsy Clebsch

Betsy Clebsch has done it again -
her "New Book of Salvias" is terrific.

Clebsch said that since Salvias are known for their healing properties due to the chemicals in their make-up, they appeal to peoples around the globe.

Well, that may be true but their beauty and their appeal to butterflies keeps their numbers increasing in my flower beds.

Clebsch describes herself as an amateur botanist and lover of plants. She lives in the mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz California - my old stomping grounds. Salvias there are sometimes evergreen.

Timber Press is the publisher. The book is softcover, 344 pages and around $20.

There are so many salvias that thrive in our gardens. And, oh the colors! Of course I want the ones that are fragile here but I actually grow a dozen of them that are hardy here.

Mountain Valley Growers is one of the sources on the web. I've had pretty good luck with their organic plants.

If you have some salvias, consider adding more of these reliable bloomers.

If salvias are new to you, start with ones recommended for your heat and cold zones. The first year in the ground you will have to tend them but after that they return to perform well and often increase their footprint over the years.

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