Mountain Mint is Agastache cana

Steve Owens at Bustani Plant Farm offered some trial plants to our friend Russell Studebaker.

Russell shared a few of the doubles with us. One of them was this gorgeous Mountain Mint that Steve identified for me as Agastache cana Bolero.

 Agastache varieties are native all over the U.S. and this one is not native to Oklahoma, of course.

Oklahoma's native Agastache is Agastache nepetoides yellow giant hyssop - a far cry from this beauty.

Swallowtail Gardens has the seeds of this Agastache and several others. If you go to their page, also look at the Apache Sunset. I saw that one at the Xeriscape Garden in Colorado Springs last year and it was stunning.

Despite the near total destruction of our gardens because of the drought and heat I'm planning for next year's garden. How about you?


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