07 August 2011

Drought and Record Breaking Heat 2011

The fact that our average daily temperature for the year has risen 7 degrees to 89 does not reflect the reality of the 117 F daily record breaking heat with the record breaking night time lows of 85 F.
In addition we are are at least 10-inches below normal rainfall for the year.

Friends who live in the country report baby birds, rabbits and other animals who are succumbing to the heat and lack of food and water.

This sad view of one flower bed usually filled with nectar for butterflies is but one example of the consequences.
The Crocosmia tried to bloom but the tiny buds dried up in the scorching sun.
This Germander was watered last night and this morning it already in heat stress.
This Japanese Maple is in a flower bed that not only is watered regularly but has the air conditioning drip pipe nearby. Plants simply cannot keep up.
Here's another example. The Paw Paw tree is in the herb garden which is deep watered twice a week.

Even the Perilla can't plump up with the sprinklers showering its leaves.

We love our spicebush butterflies and deep water the Spicebush for their sake. Most butterflies are avoiding our part of the world this year but we have had a few babies born.

Climate Central dot org has the grim prediction that this will continue for months and will happen quite a bit more often in the future.


Lori Billy said...

Viewing all of those plants in distress is so frustrating! I hate to see them struggle and die because of this drought and extreme heat. I live in Edmond and my Japanese Maple is struggling. Our neighbor had a beautiful red Crimson Queen that is now dead. Keep your chin up and water on!

Martha said...

It rained in Muskogee 2 days in a row! Everyone in yoga said they got up to watch the storm. Not just because there was thunder and lightening but because they were so happy and relieved.
What a horrible year for animals, people, farmers and gardeners.