High Impact Low Carbon Gardening by Alice Bowe

Timber Press published this book for new gardeners who have the desire
 to bring their green consciousness into their gardening practices.
The author, garden designer Alice Bowe, writes a garden column for The Times in the UK, writes for magazines and appears on British tv's Gardener's World. Her website has a bunch of intriguing links that I'll want to read - Check it out here

Chapter titles from the book reveal how complete and thorough it is
Improving your garden's ecological credentials
Managing essential resources: Water and compost
Picking materials for paths and paving
Covering ground with decks and lawns
Choosing materials for boundaries and structures
Basic principles of sustainable plant design
Preparing soil and planting
Selecting plants for challenging conditions
Substituting new alternatives for classic favorites
Gardening with wildlife in mind
Growing your own food and cut flowers
Maintaining the greener garden
Incorporating advanced features and ideas

Topics include:
Attract beneficial insects and pest predators

Choosing plants for windy sites
Make a green roof
Control slugs, weeds, with eco-friendly gardening with deer and other animals
Earth friendly soil amendments
Propagation - more plants from seeds, divisions, and cuttings
Eco lawn care
What your weeds are telling you about your ground
Sustainable mulching
Rain barrels
Water features

There are lots and lots of illustrations, sketches and photos to illustrate projects and ideas. 264 page paperback

Complaints - The book is England centric and some of the advice is geared to Bowe's climate. And, what is that climate? If I had one wish about all gardening books, even excellent ones, it would be that the author or publisher should be required to provide the planting zone about which it is written.

With that said, if you are looking for ways to become more green in your approach to gardening, this is a good place to start.


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