04 September 2010

Want More Weather Info? Mesonet gets a Makeover

Is it time to plant? Do fall plants need to be covered? What's the rainfall?

If you love gardening, you watch the weather. AgWeather says its newsletters will now focus on Mesonet. Today's newsletter has all the details here.

Included on the new website
- Rainfall maps display accumulated rainfall observed at each Mesonet site,
as well as rainfall estimates based on radar.
- Enhanced radar makes zooming and animating the radar easy.
- Prominent links are shown for outreach programs in agriculture, public safety, lawn irrigation, mobile connectivity, wildfire management and K-12 education.
- No plug-in required. The new website runs without any plug-ins, so it is very easy to use.
- The search feature on the new website makes finding specific maps and information much easier.

Click to see the weather maps on Agweather/Mesonet. It rained for 2 hours yesterday and the map says about a half inch of rain fell in our part of the county. Go figure.

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