Dew Stop

Gardeners give their kitchens and bathrooms a beating. We drag in baskets of garlic, cartons of fruit and vegetables, tools to be scrubbed, and pots to sterilize.

We should take off our muddy clothes before we drop dirt everywhere in the house but have to consider the neighbors.

In the summer we shower as often as 3 times in a day, changing clothes every time.

The bathroom I wish I had

Our bathroom is being redecorated with minor remodeling
and we are putting in one of these

The reason is that this little switch can reduce mold, steam and humidity in the bathroom.

Dew Stop installs into the fan switch and turns itself on when it senses high humidity. Then, it remains on for 30 minutes. The multi-switch arrangement allows you to turn it on and off yourself, too.
The Dew Stop is meant to replace your existing fan switch or it can be used with a new fan which is what we're going to do.
It's available at


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