A Few Tidbits

Micahel Mace worked with members of the Pacific Bulb Society to develop an up to date list of suppliers. The list has been edited and revised by PBS members so it is current and available online for your browsing and shopping. Click and shop this international resource!

Where to Obtain Species Bulbs

The next Horticulture and Landscape conference will be in Ft. Smith Arkansas, January 14 1nd 15. I usually go the second day. The focus of this year's winter conference is four season growing.

Sponsored by OSU, it is usually very fairly priced. It will be $50 for two days,
$35 one day and lunch is $15 per day additional. You could also bring lunch or eat outside the conference.

The featured speakers are Alison & Paul Wiediger from Au Naturel Farm in Smiths Grove, KY. The sustainability website with their info is here.

If you want to stay at the conference hotel it will be Holiday Inn, $85 plus tax, including complimentary breakfast for each person.

The New York Times has a column about my favorite method of planting seedlings in the veggie garden.

Anne Raver does a great job of describing the newsprint method and providing good tips for success. Use the link above to read all about it.


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