18 September 2010

Colleen Plimpton pens her memoir in "Mentors in the Garden of Life"

Colleen Plimpton has accomplished an autobiography of herself as a person, a church and community booster, a professional social worker, a gardener, a friend, a daughter-mother-wife, a mentor and someone you will feel you have known for years after reading her book.

"Mentors in the Garden of Life" weaves stories of great grandparents, grandparents, in-laws, children, neighbors, casual acquaintences and best friends into the fabric of a life well lived.

Plant lovers and gardeners will see themselves in many of the stories because they are at some level common to us all. We watched how our ancestors tended to their flowers, vegetables, houseplants and,or, livestock. And those experiences became a part of us that we lived out later in our own gardens.

We experienced the happiness of seeds cracking open, plants returning from dormancy, talking about plants with strangers, family and friends. Most of us have suffered loss and have a plant that reminds us of that love.

When Colleen announced her book release on the Garden Wrters blog, she said "A quick birth announcement for my new book, a garden memoir entitled Mentors in the Garden of Life, published by Park East Press. It's a linked series of stories highlighing plants I've grown; the people who taught me to grow & love those plants, and life lessons subsequently learned in the garden."

Trust me, it is much more than that and I predict that its impact will be much greater in the years ahead than Plimpton realizes.

Buy it for yourself and someone else who loves plants as much as we who see our friends and families in the faces of our flowers.

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The book is available from Amazon for $12 and $15 at Barnes and Noble.

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