Plumeria or Frangipani at the garden of designer Todd Hudspeth

Todd Hudspeth is a garden designer in Tulsa so of course his garden is always full of delights. Click to see his garden blogspot, called Discover Eden.

This is a Plumeria in his front yard garden space. Mostly they are grown in Hawaii and the sweet flowers are made into the leis that will be put around your neck as you deplane there in January.

Also called Frangipani, they have to be taken inside and stored warm or stored dry in a basement over the winter in order to be grown as a perennial here. Keep the roots from freezing temps and replant in the spring.

Master Gardener online says -
Plumeria has many common names throughout the tropical world including:

•Dead Man's Finger (Australia)
•Jasmine de Cayenne (Brazil)
•Pagoda Tree or Temple Tree (India)
•Egg Flower (southern China)
•Amapola (Venezuela)

There are dozens of sources for the plants on the Internet.


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