Grow Better Tomatoes

I don't know about your garden, but ours suffered from heavy rain, a string of hotter than usual days and a generally mediocre tomato crop.

Two Australian consultants to the tomato industry pulled together their best tips and put them into an 80-page over sized paperback. Lucia Grimmer is a plant pathologist who advises growers. Annette Welsford studied horticulture and has worked in the industry for years.

A CD that comes with the book contains photos, seed sources for 1300 tomato varieties, and more cultivation notes.

You can buy it as an ebook, too. Just click here or here.

I expect to read my copy word for word before the next tomato growing season. The book is full of tips and tricks, plus plant lore.

The illustrated pages on tomato varieties should help with my January seed ordering.

The authors have tips on soil development, mulching, growing in containers, seed starting, pruning and staking, watering methods, fertilizers, plant diseases, pests - really, everything we need to learn to do better next year.

If it weren't for our hopeful natures, we would all give up on growing tomatoes in this hot and humid place. Just once, I'd like to be overwhelmed with good tomatoes.


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