Wild Things 2010 Schedule

Wild Things is one of the Oklahoma native plant nurseies I have found to be reliable over the 3 years I've bought from Marilyn. Her plants live, survive, thrive.

They have no storefront so you have to show up where they are vendors. I always order in advance so my things are set aside ahead of time.

Wild Things website with the plant list

Phone 405.382.8540 or 405.255.1707

email marilyn@wildthingsnursery.com

upcoming dates where they will be with plants

April 3 Norman Farmes Market 8:00-12:00
April 10 Herb Day in Brookside 9:00-4:00 41 Peoria, Tulsa
April 17 Sand Springs Herbal Affair 9- 4:00
April 24 Jenks Herb N Plant Festival 9:00 -5 :00
May 1 Norman Farmers Market 8:00- 12:00
May 7 Wild Flower Workshop -Lawton
May 15 Edmond Farmer’s Market 8:00-1:00
May 22 Audubon Garden Tour, Tulsa
May 30 Edmond Farmer’s Market 8:00-1:00
June 12 Will Rogers Park Oklahoma City 10:00-4:00
August 18 Douglas Tallamy (author of Bringing Nature Home)Oklahoma City
August 19t Douglas Tallamy in Tulsa, Tulsa Garden Center 7:00 pm
September 18 OHS Garden Tour for Connoisseurs, OKC
October 2 Monarch Migration - Butterfly Festival, Cole OK 10:00 - 4:00

Plant list is here. You get to choose PDF or Excel for viewing.
Probably anyone is zone 7 will find plants of interest.


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