Mid-March Seedlings

There are thousands of baby plants coming up in the garden shed and in the cold frames. Some of them, like the pink Bellis, are too tiny to photograph - just little green dots on the top of the soil.

But, here are a few

This pan is Hanover Salad Kale. The seeds of this salad and potherb came from England. Cook's Thesaurus covers greens here.

The Five Star Hibiscus seeds came from last year's plants. I collected the seed pods in October. Originally, I received the seeds a few years ago in a trade with someone who read the blog.

Calendula officinalis is a must for a carefree garden, isn't it? Skippers and butterflies love it and gardeners appreciate its easy going nature.

At the left you'll see one cell of seedlings. On the right I'm placing one root ball into a small opening in fresh potting soil.

Basil, Scented Trio - Seeds from Renee are already pretty. Of course they are good for both the kitchen and the pollinators. The trio includes lemon, cinnamon and Red Rubin.

This is such an exciting time - planting seeds and seeing them become tiny plants, transplanting them and providing the conditions for them to grow. What are you doing in the garden?


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