And, another green thing - recycle cellphones

The wind and rain have showered trash along our streets and I'm on a mission to pick it up - all of it.
So, in the afternoon, out I go with 2 grocery bags, to pick up the litter recent winds delivered. It's gratifying work, not unlike clearing out the garden beds this time of year.

Since we recycle glass, paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, all non-protein foodstuffs and garden waste, our gigantic can is practically empty most weeks anyway. There is plenty of room for the soda bottles, chewing tobacco containers and other junk along the road. The beer cans, plastic, etc. will go into our recycling bins.

Tech Soup sent out an email of resources today, including info on recycling cellphones. Evidently, we aren't very good citizens about recycling cellphones - 90 percent of them are tossed rather than recycled.

"They" say we aren't recycling cellphones because we are worried about the data stored on them being addresses, photos, text messages, etc.

Now there is an answer to that concern, too.

From the press release
When you're ready to retire a cell phone, it's actually not very difficult to erase your data. It doesn't take special software, but usually entails just a few keystrokes. The problem is that phones mostly have different keystrokes. Here's an example of how to do a master erase for a Motorola model C168I phone:

1. Press MENU, down arrow to Settings, select
2. Down arrow to Initial Setup, select, up arrow to Master Clear, select
3. Enter 4 digit code (1234), select OK, then Yes

Click here to read the article from Tech Soup.

Click here to go directly to the Wireless Recycling website for detailed instructions on the Cell Phone Data Eraser for all phones.


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