Gardening on This Warm Weekend

We planted seed potatoes in 8 cages and soil-surface planted the rest of the seed potatoes in the garlic bed.

The raised bed where the garlic is planted had to be weeded first, of course. For surface sowing: Place the potatoes in the bed, then put 8 inches of wheat straw on top and water it down.

I did a germination test on some winter squash seeds and this is what the seeds look like when they emerge. Huge roots and leaves grow out of the seeds. It's a true miracle, I tell you.

For perspective, here's the vegetable garden 2 months ago. A far cry from what it looks like tonight.


Jenny said…
love the squash seed sprout!
Anonymous said…
Will you post the results of potato planting? Have not seen this done before.

I have a lot of extra strawberries and raspberries plants. Would like to give them to someone.

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