Feeling Daffy?

Daffodils are about the best thing that these chilly spring days have to offer. They are critter proof and multiply from year to year. And, that divine scent. What's not to like?

Midwest Living magazine ran a story called the "10 Top Daffodils for the Midwest".

For thorough information on Narcissus or Daffodils - same thing different name - go to the American Daffodil Society website.

Some of the more glamorous daffodils are available from Mitsch Daffodils in Oregon. There are 3 links at the site - Garden Daffodils, Exhibition Daffodils, and Better Mixture. The photos are from the Exhibition link - what daffodils!
If you want some gorgeous daffs and want to economize, Mitsch's Better Mixture is the bargain route.

This is the time to go look at the wide variety of daffodils to choose from. The are planted in the fall for early spring bloom.

We are hooked. Right now there are about 400 blooming in our back yard with an equal number still in bud. It's heavenly.


Jean Campbell said…
Only two of the daffodils mentioned in the linked article are in my garden: Ice Follies and Tahiti. Two others, Fortissimo and St. Keverne failed after the second year.

With care to cultivars, the season lasts from earliest to the last 'Baby Moon' jonquilla. The jonquillas have the best fragrance.

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