What's a Femivore You Ask?

The online magazine Grist would like to tell you.

To help you decide to click over to the link above, here are a few ideas from the piece -

Peggy Orenstein wrote an article for the New York Times Magazine called "The Femivore's Dilema".

Orenstein said she knows women who grow vegetables and now raise chickens.

She says "Femivorism" is grounded in self-sufficiency, autonomy and personal fulfillment.

The author of the Grist article, Bonnie Powell, says we all need to be mindful that our organic cages do not become as tight fitting as women's cages of past generations.

Is there a growing pressure for women to work, cook locally grown food, plus grow it themselves? Thoughtful reading at those links.

Do you feel pressured to grow food, be the cook, preserve the food you grow, etc.? Are we working just as hard as our great grandmothers for no apparant reason?


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