This Year's Favorite Plants

Most gardeners play favorites. I know I do.

Do you have favorite plants?

Among the flowers I would have to list zinnias, phlox, lilies, daffodils, Joe Pye weed,Euphorbia marginata, Tatarian aster, hydrangeas, amaranth, Esperanza, daylilies, million bells, petunias, red milkweed, and, well, there are too many aren't there?

Among the herbs, all the basils, rosemary, thyme, monarda, chives, oregano, parsley, borage, fennel, dill, and what else?

Favorite vegetables to grow? Broccoli, cucumbers, lettuce, chard, kale, wax beans, green beans, snow peas, leeks, peppers, garlic and if I could master growing them I would say tomatoes.

This year one of my favorites is the Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash, also called Green-striped Cushaw. This is today's harvest and this isn't the only harvest we have had.

So far it has made its way into soup bowls with sour cream on top. Today, it was simply baked, then peeled and salted. Delicious both ways. Another grower said she made pumpkin bread out of it. Someone else grated it raw and made it into slaw. With the size of the fruit and the number of them in the harvest, we'll be trying it a dozen ways.

When we go to the health food store we always see flower pot type bowls of greens for cats. They are growing pretty close together and I've noticed the price (between $5 and $10 apiece) but didn't examine them closely.
So I got a packet of Renee's Gourmet Cat Greens and planted them the other day. There they are, up and healthy in a matter of 3 days. I soaked the seeds over night to give them a good germination start.
The package contains seeds of organic grains to make house bound kitties happy and healthy.
My plan is to pot them up and make them available at Honor Heights Park gift shop. I'm curious to see whether or not cat owners here are interested in them.

Feeling a little blue about the passing of summer and the shorter days but keeping busy planting and harvesting to prolong the fun as long as possible.
How about you? Are you glad to see the season end to give hands and back some much needed rest? Or are you still growing and planting?


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