After the Storm

The southeastern US was battered by storms - the 4 to 8 inches of rain were bad enough but the 60-mile an hour winds were worse.
In the photo is a seedhead of the spreen which is 9 feet tall in the back yard. I have no idea when to harvest the amaranth seeds so I just enjoy them for now.
Are the green ones in the photo more mature than the pink-ish ones in the photo above?
After the storm this is what the spreen.amaranth stalk looked like. Split. So the seed heads are harvested whether or not they are mature.All the tall plants are on their sides. This is the 8 foot tall Aster Tatarian. If you look closely you'll see a giant swallowtail butterfly on the annual Lady in Red Salvia.
We were lucky to have only wind and rain. Farther to our southeast, homes and lives were lost. We sympathize with those towns and families but still feel a little sorry for ourselves that we lost plants.
Moving toward fall includes lots of allergies into the bargain. Ah, season changes.


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