Fall Gardening, Sales and Fall Tasks

A great email newsletter just arrived from the University of Minnesota. Called Yard and Garden, the email has tips for each month for that area. Yard cleanup is one of the fall suggestions and I made some headway on that today. It is amazing how much dead and half dead material is on the beds at this time of year.
But the weather is still good so it is pleasant to be out taking care of it.

Fall is for planting - Mountain Valley Growers plants are on sale in groups of 6. I've had good luck with their sale plants though not 100%.

Renee's Seeds is having a 30% off all seeds sale.

Jungle Paradise is having a going out of business sale....retirement sale.
Click on the link and then click on Plants for Sale.
Owner Jan Jost said in an email that they also have
Alocasias - macrorrhiza Borneo Giant
Amorphophallus albus bulbifer (a few) dunnii (aka odoratus) Titanum
Anthuriums guildingii hookeri clarinervium berriozabalense verrapazense vietchii
Monstera deliciosa—large leaf and small leaf
Philodendron crassinervium gigantea gloriosum
Pinellia tripartita Typhonium divaricatum venosum
Xanthosoma robusta

Need organic products? Arbico Organics is also having a sale - details here.

Sooner Plant Farm is having a fall sale. Good plants, great packing for mailorders.

No bulbs on sale yet though I checked several sites for offers. Let me know if you find a good sale out there. Send an email to mollyday1@gmail.com


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