One of the Flower Beds September First

Late Summer Flowers is the name of one of my favorite garden books. If you plant enough flowers for this season, it will become your favorite, too.

Just outside the livingroom door we have comfortable chairs where we have our first coffee in the morning. Then, late in the afternoon we return for something cold to sip and watch the activity. This is what we see from our little 10-foot deck.
Stepping across the "grass" (mowed weeds, er wildflowers and native grasses) this is the 7 to 8 foot tall flowering white Crape Myrtle Natchez, Tatarian Aster and a yellow flowering native that I bought from Wild Things Nursery. Marilyn Stewart is getting back to me on its name.
From the side or end of the bed, you can recognize Salvia Guaranitica Black and Blue, Purple Majesty Millet, and Tatarian in the foreground. In the center in front of the tall (giant) plants - French marigolds, Sedum Autumn Joy and Salvia Lady-In-Red.

A close up of Sedum Autumn Joy between the pale green stage and the pink-rust flower stage.
The bed is mostly perennials with some annual zinnias, marigolds and salvias. Every plant is for the pollinators - skippers, bees, dragonflies and butterflies.

This end is Tithonia and zinnias - the sunny, hot side of the bed.


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