End of September Monarchs

Monarch Watch in Kansas tracks the migration of Monarch butterflies as they relocate to Mexico for the winter months.

Tulsa World ran a column on Sunday about the fall butterfly watch and the Associated Press also ran a fall story about them. Here are the links - Associated Press story and
Tulsa World story about the local butterfly count.

Our milkweed plants are still loaded with caterpillars, rapidly growing long and fat. According to the chart at Monarch Watch, Muskogee OK is at its peak migration activity from September 24 to October 6. And, that is what my eyes tell me, too.
To find your peak Monarch migration period.
1- Go to Google or Dogpile and enter in quotes your town followed by the word latitude. For example "muskogee oklahoma latitude" and you will find a site such as www.travelmath.com that will give you the right numbers. Muskogee is 35 degrees north.
2 - Then, go to http://www.monarchwatch.org/tagmig/peak.html and look for your latitude on the chart to find your peak migration period.
We had 90-sunny-degrees yesterday so the adults were out enjoying the sunshine, too.
If you want these beauties in your yard, check Monarch Watch to see if they travel through your area. If so, plant milkweeds or Asclepias. Any variety will bring them into your garden. And, each year, if you continue to plant more plants, you will get more and more.


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