Diascia or Twinspur

Diascia, from South Africa, has 70 relatives, including snapdragons. These are low growing and spreading plants that just need some sun to flower.

Most of the flowers are some shade of coral and about one-half inch across. The one you see in the photo is from Proven Winners - click on the link to see ten colors available. One of the newest colors is Flirtation Orange, pictured here.

Interestingly, Diascias are self-infertile and need pollen from another plant in order to make seeds. They are short-lived perennials hardy in zone 8.

One gardener said she is able to keep them through the winter simply by bringing them into an unheated garage for the winter.

Park Seed is offering the seeds of the All America Selections Coral Rose for sale.

Harris Seed has individual colors and a mixed pack.

Diascias bloom best in spring and fall in my garden. During the heat of the middle of summer they stopped blooming. When temperatures under 90 returned they bloomed again. Odd for an African plant, don't you agree?

Brent and Becky's Bulbs is having a sale. Click on the link to see what's available for fall planting.


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