06 July 2008

Read the Garden News!

The Internet is buzzing about gardens this week.

Here are some of the dozens of items worth checking out on your next gardening break.

What's Growing at the Whitehouse is a breezy read about an effort by the man behind the non-profit Kitchen Gardeners International. Roger Doiron wants some of the lawn converted to edible landscaping - a favorite topic of mine.

Your tax dollars at work, U.S. Department of Agriculture developed and The National Arboretum release three new lilacs with patriotic names - Betsy Ross, Old Glory and Declaration. The announcement came from the American Society for Horticultural Science through their EurekaAlert newsletter.

Other items on the same edition of Science Daily include potatoes, peppers and a corpse plant about to bloom.

Hatch's Dictionary of Garden Terms 1998 edition is available free and online thanks to Laurence C. Hatch.

Red Dirt Ramblings has a thorough presentation of Brother Reckamp's daylily hybrids with gorgeous photos to soothe your over heated brow.

The Encyclopedia of Edible Fruits of the World, called Fruitipedia is being developed by Dr. Chiranjit Parmar.

Sit back with a glass of something cold and click around.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

You put together a good roundup of news. Thanks for linking to me, girl. I appreciate it.~~Dee

Molly Day said...

The blog entry you did on day lilies really is tops, Dee.