22 July 2008

The New Encyclopedia of Orchids

The New Encyclopedia of Orchids by Isobyl la Croix is the latest
book on orchids to be released
and it is quite a phenomenal accomplishment.

Libraries, collectors and gardening enthusiasts will easily recognize what a beauty it is with 500-pages of orchid descriptions and photographs.
Ms. la Croix also wrote Epiphytic Orchids of Malawi (1983), Orchids of Malawi (1991), Flora Zambesiaca Orchidaceae (1995, 1998), and African Orchids in the Wild and in Cultivation (1997).

A trained botanist, she and her husband spent 22 years in the tropics, mainly in Africa, collecting, studying, and growing orchids.

The author selected 1,500 species to include in the book - there were 25,000 species and 100,000 hybrids to consider.

Did you know that orchids are found on every continent except Antarctica? Of course, most grow in the tropics.

The book has information on cultivation, pests and diseases, conservation and propagation, in separate short chapters.

Then, on page 26, the A to Z of Orchids makes up the remainder of the book.

At the end of the book, following the encyclopedia entries, there is a 2-page Glossary, 4-page Bibliography, Indexes of Common and Scientific Names, and a comprehensive index.

Timber Press is the publisher of this authoritative release.

It is also, definitely, time to learn more about our native orchids in Oklahoma - Here are some links to explore when you have time.
Oklahoma Orchid Society
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