04 July 2008

Old House Gardens Glad Sampler

A sampler collection of glads from Old House Gardens are all blooming on July 4th after a half-inch of rain last night.

Apricot Lustre is pink, peach, gold all in one flower.

The white with a purple center is Abyssinian Glad. OHG says it was collected form the mountains of Ethiopia in 1844 and was featured as a brand new treasure in Boston’s Garden and Forest magazine in 1888. Formerly Acidanthera, now Gladiolus callianthusMurielae’, 3-4 feet tall.

The red with white edging is Atom. OHG calls the edging silver. It was the Spring 2006 Bulb of the Year. 3 feet tall.

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Bobbi said...

Nice photos! My hubby just bought me a digital camera and as soon as I learn how to use it, I hope to post some photos of my gardens!

Happy 4th!

Martha said...

Digital photos are a great asset for garden writers for sure - you will love it.